The Pink Mask - Liquid Latex for Perfect Nails

The Pink Mask - Perfect Nails is a specially formulated nail mask with a liquid latex base which sticks to your skin and prevents you from going over the edges and staining your skin, giving you Perfect Nails in three simple steps.

If you find it difficult to paint your nails because you often go over the edges of your nails, The Pink Mask - Perfect Nails is the solution for you!

It’s really easy to remove! If you’re a “nail art girl”, The Pink Mask - Perfect Nails will make things easy for you, as it will allow you to design patterns and gradients, painting in only some areas of the nail, and protecting all of the parts you don’t want to paint with The Pink Mask - Perfect Nails.

How can I paint my nails without going over the edges?

It’s really simple. All you need to do is put on The Pink Mask - Perfect Nails around your nails and you will avoid going over the edges of your nails when you paint them. Follow the steps you see in our video guides and you’ll be able to paint your nails in your favorite color perfectly!

When making designs and special effects with decorative lines, it’s really easy to leave marks on your skin… But now you’ll have protected and clean skin underneath The Pink Mask - Perfect Nails when you finish your work of art.

What else can The Pink Mask do?

Have you thought of how easy it would be to do a French manicure? You won’t paint up to the very tips of your fingers and you’ll still maintain perfect cuticles, free of varnish.

The Pink Mask - Perfect Nails is made using latex, meaning that it’s really simple and totally trouble-free to remove.

You could use it to:

  • Avoid going over the edges of your nails and staining your skin when you’re painting your nails
  • Give yourself a perfect French manicure every time
  • Keep your cuticles perfect and free of varnish.
  • To create patterns and special effects.
  • For Nail Art. We know that nowadays nails are becoming a work of art and with this mask, you can make them masterpieces all by yourself!